Prevost Construction Joins Skyline's Family of Companies

We are excited to announce that Prevost has joined the Skyline family of companies.

ESOPs Fables: What Sets an ESOP Board Apart?

Skyline CEO Jessica Carps joined a panel on Diligent’s The Corporate Director Podcast to delve into how ESOPs can benefit employees and directors looking ...

The Evolving Focus on COVID & the Impact on the CRE Industry

To inform commercial real estate professionals of what to expect, BOMA San Francisco hosted a panel discussion featuring Skyline's VP of Operations, Adam ...

Best Workplaces 2022

For the second year in a row, we are honored to announce that the Skyline family of companies was named one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces in 2022.

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Why now is the time to invest in air quality improvements

60% of workers cited air quality as a major factor in their hesitation to return to the office. Upgrading air systems will improve limit the spread of infection and ultimately, put minds at ease. Investing in air quality upgrades is a way to make a big difference with long-lasting effects.

7 Factors That Will Make or Break Your Commercial Office Restack

There are reasons to be optimistic for the future of construction, but how fast are Bay Area costs escalating and what sectors are hot?

The Truth About the Post-Pandemic Construction Costs

This is quite literally the million-dollar question. Materials and labor notoriously drive rising costs in construction. What are the factors that could affect your project?

Our virtual jobsite experience using OpenSpace

Learn more about Skyline's virtual jobsite experience with OpenSpace.

Continuously Improving COVID-19 Work Plans to Save on Costs

We uncover a few of the top COVID-19 challenges faced on construction jobsites industry-wide, along with a variety of creative and innovative solutions to overcome these obstacles using LEAN principals.


The truth is, supply chains are simply changing. There is unpredictability created by a number of factors including regional COVID hotspots, outbreaks in manufacturing facilities, varying regional SIP regulations, health/safety concerns and workers’ hesitation to return to factories. The biggest factor however is actually not manufacturing or production, but shipping and freight.

13 Ways to Prepare your Office Space for Re-Entry during COVID-19?

Simple office modifications to limit exposure to COVID-19 and keep your employees safe.

PREDICTIONS ON HOW COVID-19 will change construction

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought the construction industry to a halt in some regions. We've been forced to pause, pivot and jump into crisis mode to assess the current situation and plan for the future. But what does the future of commercial office design and construction look like after the COVID-19 crisis?

Simplifying the baaqmd permitting process for generators

Skyline Construction's BAAQMD Permitting Process document outlines the steps that would need to be followed for the Air District permitting of an Emergency Standby Diesel Generator Set.

Controlling Cost on Your Construction Project

As a general contractor, the number one question we are asked is, “How can we reduce project costs?” There are several creative ways your general contractor can help reduce costs and there are factors that you can control yourselves to reduce your final bill. So what are they? I’ll outline these 3 key cost contributors below.